Andre Leon Talley’s Rice Paddy Chic & More WTF Moments From ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 6
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America's Next Top Model

Andre Leon Talley’s Rice Paddy Chic & More WTF Moments From ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 6

We love America’s Next Top Model as much as the next aspiring modelstant, but sometimes the WTF moments have us ripping our weave out in horror! This week had even more jaw-droppers than usual, probably because most of the models have gone weeks without nourishment. Check out our favorite WTF moments from Cycle 17, Episode 6: “Coco Rocha.”

1. Tyra In A Box!
What’s even more wonderful than Justin Timberlake singing “Dick In A Box”? You guessed it: Tyra in a box. Welcome to the “Tyra Cam,” a small square on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen where Tyra shouts out inspirational musings like “work it, girl” and “Kick that leg up!” We were first introduced to this fright-fest when Kayla (or Free Bird as we like to call her) had her challenge reward photoshoot with Andre Leon Talley. We can only assume Tyra is celebrating Halloween early by scaring the bejesus out of us.

2. Andre’s Hat!
Trend alert! Has anyone else noticed how it’s really “in” to repurpose the ethnic clothing of an often impoverished and/or discriminated group of people? Hipster mecca Urban Outfitters is getting all kinds of heat for their “Navajo”-inspired patters, and we’re happy to say that thanks to Andre Leon Talley they can add “Rice Paddy Hat” to their list of accessories! Andre looked heavenly in his jaunty triangular head-gear, and the matching purple wizard cloak really sealed the deal!

3. Alexandria Goes Splat
Oh girl, no. Alexandria seems to have mis-interpreted the Coco Rocha challenge for a taping of The Bad Girls Club. Poor thing spent her photoshoot laying on the floor looking half-dead and all kinds of tacky, and she kept letting out sad little screams of desperation. Sadly, the judges disapproved of Alexandria’s performance even more than we did, and they suggested her head be edited out from the picture. Um, at least they think she has nice legs?

4. Coco Rocha’s Shirt!
Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry had to wear the dreaded Puffy shirt? Well, we officially know what happened to it. Two words: Coca Rocha. Who knows if Coco was just trying to out-crazy Tyra and her suspenders, or if she was trying to protect herself from the hoards of modelstants who had spent all day clawing at her –– but this hot mess earns a WTF stamp of approval!

5. Bre Goes Insane!
So.... Let’s talk about Bre. Or, as we now call her “The Top Model Formerly Know As Bre.” We have no idea who came to play this week, but it wasn’t the girl we know and love. Apparently, Bre was trying to tap into her inner-Beyonce, so she screamed hysterically during her entire photoshoot. It was so terrifying that even Coco Rocha had to call a time-out. Sadly, Tyra timed Bre out from the entire show and we probably won’t see her until Ty-Ty gets bored and does another All-Star season.

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