Andrea’s Death on The Walking Dead Season 3: Here’s the Original Scene
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Andrea’s Death on The Walking Dead Season 3: Here’s the Original Scene

Was anyone satisfied with Andrea's death scene on The Walking Dead Season 3 finale? It could've been different. It was different, actually, which we now know thanks to a deleted scene three actors just dished about to Entertainment Weekly.

Andrea still dies in the earlier scene — can't do anything about that call — but the details are different. What we saw on March 31 was a reshoot done months after the initial material.

Dallas Roberts (Milton) told EW his character originally showed up in the room where Andrea was tied up, and The Governor shot Milton in the stomach. Also, "[t]here was a lot more of Milton trying to open the door and him trying to free her from the chains. And then there was a section where he was going to wrap the chain around the neck and try to choke her to death before he turned so she wouldn’t have to deal with Walker Milton, or Biter Milton, as it were."

But that wouldn’t have worked. "And then at the end of that, it was just Tyreese and someone else who found [Andrea]. Rick and Daryl and Michonne weren’t there. So it was essentially the same idea, except you saw me taking chunks out of Laurie Holden in that version.”

Dallas added that Tyreese was the one who killed zombie Milton in that version, not Andrea, which would’ve given Tyreese more on-screen action, but at least Andrea was able to get that much done in the final version viewers saw.

Chad Coleman (Tyreese) told EW, "it was an incredibly powerful, excruciating scene. Sasha and I are doing our best to try and comfort [Andrea] before she took herself out. I thought there was some great work going on. But I was there for the revision and that was incredibly powerful, and it made all the more sense for it to be full-circle for them. But for us, it was excruciating, and it was really powerful. I hope they dig it up. I’d love to see it."

Andrea’s Death on The Walking Dead Season 3: Here’s the Original Scene
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Yeah, we would too! Apparently it won't be on the new Season 3 DVD, so we may be out of luck.

Both Tyreese and his sister Sasha will be prominent Team Prison characters in Season 4, which starts on October 13, but it sounds like we missed a great entry point for their stories. As

Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) added to EW, "There was also a moment where Sasha’s cradling Andrea in her hands after we unchain her. And it’s a to-do to get all the chains off of her, and we’re literally cradling her and Sasha says, ‘We’re not going to leave you here,’ which is a serious arc for Sasha from the first episode where she’s ready to leave Donna, who is a part of their camp. It spoke to her journey and where she ended up."

Sonequa agreed with Chad that it was a powerful scene, but she said she likes what aired even better. "Andrea needed that goodbye. She needed to be united with her family. That was really important to show. So, I loved shooting what we did, but I love the way it ended up.”

It does seem like Andrea needed a moment with her friend Michonne, especially since we know Michonne is going to be obsessed with tracking down The Governor in Season 4, in large part out of anger and revenge for Andrea’s death.

Read the full deleted scene breakdown on EW's site. Do you like the sound of that version better than what aired? We’d love it if Andrea never died at all (and never fell in love with The Governor), but did producers make the right call in terms of the new scene versus the original?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly