Andrew Garfield Fanboys Over Bachelor Sean Lowe
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Andrew Garfield Fanboys Over Bachelor Sean Lowe

Move aside, Emma Stone! Your boyfriend Andrew Garfield has the hots for Bachelor Sean Lowe. The Spider-Man star recently told Vulture that he’s a total fanboy at heart who gets “overwhelmed when I meet a celebrity or someone who I respect and admire as an artist.”

Who makes the list? Martin Scorsese, Jamie Foxx, or, you know, reality stars best known for their superhuman abs.

Andrew Garfield Fanboys Over Bachelor Sean Lowe
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“It could be ridiculous people, even!” Andrew said of the people who can instantaneously turn the Tony-nominated actor into a groupie. “Take Sean from The Bachelor. If I met him, I’d be like, ‘Oh my god, it’s Sean Lowe!’”

And we’d be like, “Oh my god, it’s Andrew Garfield hugging Sean Lowe!”

So what hold does the golden god have over Andrew “He’s British?” Garfield? Is it his blonde locks? His winning smile? His chemistry with Chris Harrison Catherine Giudici?

Actually, none of the above. Andy would go gaga over Sean because meeting celebrities (and reality show stars) reminds him that “We’re all the same. We’re all just doing our best.”

Granted, Andrew’s best is starring in an Academy Award-winning blockbuster and Sean’s is not getting pricked by a dethorned rose, but we see your point, Spidey.

Source: Vulture