Andrew Lincoln Doesn’t Watch The Walking Dead: Why Not?
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Andrew Lincoln Doesn’t Watch The Walking Dead: Why Not?

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln doesn't like looking at himself — but we could do that all day!

A few months ago, The Ricktator actor was asked which Season 3 scenes he’d single out for potential Emmys consideration. Andrew said someone else would have to tell him, since he didn’t even watch the show. It was kind of a record-scratch moment, not just because he’s on the show but because it’s hard to believe anyone wouldn’t want to watch TWD!

But it’s actually pretty common for actors to skip their own projects, and Andy explained his thought process to Entertainment Weekly.

“The original reason is the fact that I don’t actually enjoy looking at myself,” Andrew said, noting that he’s very critical of himself. “And also because of the directorial choices that possibly, because I’ve done it, make you go, ‘Oh, there’s a take that blah-blah-blah.’ But mainly because I did it for a while, I watched it, and it’s a self-conscious thing of watching myself and going, ‘Oh I like it when I do that. That’s kind of cool.’ And then, ‘Oh, I don’t like it when I do that.’ And that defeats the object of what I want to do as an actor, which is to try and be in the role and not be self-conscious. I watch great actors, great actors that I admire beyond all things and I see them replicate, and it’s very hard not to. I don’t want to do that. I just want to leave myself alone as much as I can. It breaks the spell, it breaks the magic somewhat.”

Gotcha. But Andy said he doesn’t even watch scenes he’s not in — like Season 3’s entire Episode 3, which took a break from Team Prison. He just sticks to the fun part, which for him is making the sausage, and leaves eating it to the audience.

Still, it’s kind of sad how much he’s missing. Maybe 20 years from now, when he’s had some distance, he can sit down with the DVDs (or whatever future technology we have) and appreciate that the guy who played Rick was pretty darn talented — and way easy on the eyes!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

08.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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