Andrew Lincoln Fought to Air Rick Grimes’ F-Bomb on Walking Dead Season 4: “It’s Amazing”
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The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln Fought to Air Rick Grimes’ F-Bomb on Walking Dead Season 4: “It’s Amazing”

How dare someone say no to The Ricktator?

By now, you’ve probably seen the uncensored version of The Walking Dead Season 4’s final line. On AMC — which is not HBO, Showtime or one of the smug *we* can do and say anything we want stations — Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes had to say “they’re screwing with the wrong people” instead of “they’re f--king with the wrong people."

The f-bomb ending will be featured on the Season 4 Blu-ray, which is coming out Tuesday, August 26.

Andrew would like to make it clear that he wanted the f--king line to stand, even if it was AMC and/or the FCC who nixed it, not showrunner Scott Gimple. (Guns, blood, and gore are fine but not one f-bomb? smh) As Andy explained to The Hollywood Reporter after the finale, "The gloves certainly came off this season with Carol's episode, Carl, losing Hershel and now this. I thought it would be an incredible moment to see the moral cop lay that one down. I think we're going to save that for the hardcore fans. I did a few takes and said, 'It's done!' and [showrunner] Scott said we had to do the other one. I said, ‘It's amazing, we have to leave this in!'”

Well, many fans have said they believe the f-bomb take is much stronger than the screwing take. Whether expletives should have that much power or not, the f-bomb gives the threat more force, and Andy even seems to say it with more menace. Plus, it’s just a very satisfying word to spit out in anger. Screwing isn’t as much fun. (Unless you’re screwing with the right people?)

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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