Andrew Lincoln Reveals Best Part of The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus!
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The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln Reveals Best Part of The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus!

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) is clearly thrilled that he’s a part of the smash AMC hit, The Walking Dead, but what’s the British actor’s favorite part of the zombie-centric show? When a fan at last weekend's Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta asked Andrew that very question, he gave a no-holds barred-response: “Obviously working with Norman Reedus,” he joked.

Andy and Norman’s bromance is no secret to us — just look at these two dapper dudes! — but we still love that Andy cited Norman as his favorite part of the TWD experience. He may have said it jokingly, but we definitely think there is at least some truth behind it.

And TWD’s leading man is hardly Norman’s only fan. The 44-year-old actor is constantly swarmed by his predominantly female admirers, many of whom scream at him in an effort to get his attention. When one fan remarked that she did just that, Andy quipped, “It takes me half an hour to start work in the morning ‘cause I just scream at him.”

These two are seriously too much!

But even if Norman weren’t a part of the TWD equation (perish the thought!), Andy still fell hard for the show. He explained, “I read the script and I just thought I’d never read anything like it, and it then I read the comic book, and I thought, well, this is probably going to be the most punishing role I’ve ever attempted.”

Three plus seasons later, the show is a monster hit, Andy has new, prominent representation, and he’s still beloved by fans who nominated him for two People’s Choice Awards. We’d say TWD has truly done wonders for him!

Do you agree that Norman is the best part of TWD? Weigh in below!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Reporting by Nicole Pomarico.