Andrew Lincoln: Walking Dead Season 5’s First Episodes Are “Astonishing” With “Emotional Impact”
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The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln: Walking Dead Season 5’s First Episodes Are “Astonishing” With “Emotional Impact”

Believe the hype! That’s the condensed version of Andrew Lincoln’s (Rick Grimes) The Walking Dead Season 5 teases to Gold Derby. But don’t settle for the condensed version of Andy, he’s worth all 34 minutes of video viewing/listening time. (Watch the video interview below.)

Season 5 is still filming, and they’re only up to about Episode 5 at this point. During Andy’s June 20 talk, Gold Derby mentioned how Danai Gurira (Michonne) recently called Season 5 "mind-blowing." Would Andy agree with that?

"Yeah, I think that it's an amazing thing,” Andy said. “And I know that there's so much hyperbole surrounding filmmaking and promotion of shows. It's always ramped up to the max, but I truly believe that this — well, I was so excited to return this season, mainly because we'd never left a season on a cliffhanger, and I think that that's given the show an incredible impact.”

If you recall, Season 4 ended with Rick and company stuck at Terminus. The past finales never left things hanging like this, and we’re hoping/expecting Season 5 to pick up the story in medias res without the usual premiere episode introductions and place-setting.

“Certainly the first few episodes just — there are no holds barred,” Andy continued. “We come out of the blocks at full speed. So it's an interesting experience, because it's almost like we jump back into the middle of the heart of darkness. I think the first few episodes — I'm not allowed to say numbers — I think the first few episodes that I’ve read are astonishing. Not only for the energy and the emotional impact, but just story — how they are able to develop character in amongst this incredible thrill ride. I'm really, really excited by it. I think if we capture 75 percent, 70 percent of what I read in the script, I think fans are going to be more than happy."

Gah! We need to see it all now! Greg Nicotero, who directed the Season 5 premiere, recently said the amount of scope and story to the first episode alone was enough for an entire movie. Everything we’ve heard so far has been amazing, with action, twists and tons of characters to balance. October can’t get here fast enough! But we’ll settle for some Season 5 footage, which should be coming very soon.

How excited are you for Season 5 at this point, on a scale of one to 10?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Gold Derby