What Does Andrew Lincoln Smell Like? Sarah Wayne Callies Answers in Great Reddit AMA
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The Walking Dead

What Does Andrew Lincoln Smell Like? Sarah Wayne Callies Answers in Great Reddit AMA

They don’t call it "Ask Me Anything" for nothing! The Walking Dead alum Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) has a new movie coming out, Into the Storm, and part of her promotional duties was a very cool and candid Reddit AMA. She really rolled with it, showing she was game to answer a bunch of random questions — on the new movie, but also a ton on The Walking Dead, and a few on her previous TV show, Prison Break.

Here are some TWD-related highlights:

Were you upset at all that Lori didn't live longer in the series?

What does Andrew Lincoln smell like?

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

Are you a fan of TWD as a comic book series?

Do you still keep in touch with the current cast?

Thanks for doing this Sarah, I'm excited to see The Storm and to see you in other great projects by great people.

SARAH: i was happy lori lived as long as she did... you never know on a show like that, particularly when you know she dies in the series. i thought her death was done so beautifully, the way they wrote it....

andy smells like the rest of us on the show: like sunscreen, bug repellant, sweat, and deodorant. but he's a wonderful gentleman no matter what.

sandwich? pulled pork barbecue with cole slaw. oh you just made me so hungry...!

the comic books are rad. groundbreaking.

LOVE the cast and we just saw each other at comic con in san diego. still some of by best friends. nice to get to know new folks like chad coleman, too... they have such wonderful people working on the show... STILL.

you're welcome! hope you like the movie. xoxo

Where is Carl and why isn't he in the house?


Hey Sarah, would you allow it to your daughter to watch your death scene in The Walking Dead? And if she has already seen it then what was her reaction?

My kids are too young for that right now... eventually i'll let them watch if they want to, but i'd prep them first. But i find that children by and large are pretty good at understanding the difference between reality and fantasy.... you know?

What Does Andrew Lincoln Smell Like? Sarah Wayne Callies Answers in Great Reddit AMA
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Hi Sarah, im a big fan of you from The Walking Dead. Really liked your portrayal of Lori and it was always exciting to watch you on screen. My question is: What was your most memorable scene from The Walking Dead? And what made it so memorable?

thanks for your kind words!

the most memorable scene was probably the last. saying goodbye to chandler as lori was saying goodbye to carl was an extraordinary thing to have to do. i have such respect and love for that young man who i met when he was just a kid. it broke my heart that i wouldn't be there for him on set anymore and i wouldn't get to watch him grow up and keep an eye out for him.

there was also my last scene with jon bernthal, the one by the windmill at the end of season two. jon is like a brother to me and i am unquestionably a better actor for having learned so much from him. again: it broke my heart to say goodbye. but then, i suppose i'm also hugely grateful to TWD for being a job where i got to form such bonds with wonderful people...

Do you still watch The Walking Dead even though you aren't on the show?

Who was your favorite cast member from The Walking Dead to work with?

that whole cast was amazing... i made so many friends working on TWD and feel so enormously grateful to all of them. one of my favorites was Melissa McBride, because she came up with the most amazing little improvs between takes. sometimes she'd have me in tears.... sometime i'd be laughing my tail off...

as for watching the show, i haven't had a TV in years, so even when i was on the show i didn't watch. i've seen a few episodes here and there, and I'm always so proud of everyone's work. the ep with melissa and chad that mike satro directed last year (the 'watch the flowers' episode....) was just spectacular.....

Who was the best prankster on the set of The Walking Dead? What's the best prank you've pulled?

andy rothenberg had a day on set that absolutely killed us.... we were shooting a scene in 105 where everyone contemplates amy's death and tries to figure out what do to so she doesn't become a walker. it was HOT. atlanta HOT - that special kind of heat that fries your skin and makes it hard to think straight... and we'd been out there for hours, making the scene. it mattered so much to everyone that we get it right, because wonderful emma bell was leaving our family and we were all crushed by it. there was so much emotion, so much tension and exhaustion. and then in them middle of a take andy rothenberg (played jim - so brilliantly) looks over his shoulder at jon bernthal, blows him a kiss, and mouths the words 'i love you.' i thought jon was going to have a heart attack he was trying to hard not to laugh. it brought us all to tears, we were cracking up so hard. just what we needed....

Love it! Read her full AMA here. Great anecdotes, and she talks about food, family, Lori love/hate.

It's no surprise she mentioned Melissa McBride (Carol) in the TWD cast, since Melissa helped her land her new movie role. It is kind of surprising that she was asked how Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) smells, since that’s … a bit odd, but some people do seem to be curious how celebs smell, and Sarah would be in a good position to know after three seasons as Rick’s wife. But maybe that’s why there are so many celeb fragrances — to share the same scent. Quick, someone develop a zombie apocalypse perfume!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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