Is Andrew Poole the Villain of Andi Dorfman’s Season? Chris Harrison Says…
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The Bachelorette

Is Andrew Poole the Villain of Andi Dorfman’s Season? Chris Harrison Says…

We’ve all been waiting for it — the moment this season’s villain reveals himself — and it appears Episode 3 may have given us that moment. Or did it? JJ O’Brien and Josh Murray accused Andrew Poole of an offscreen indiscretion involving another woman, and while the story was a bit convoluted, the Js were pretty sure Andrew has some essplaining to do. Luckily for those of us dwelling on the matter, Chris Harrison has some thoughts that may clear things up — or not. You decide.

According to JJ, Andrew scored digits off a waitress when some of the guys went out to dinner during Week 2. In his Entertainment Weekly blog, Chris gives his take on the altercation that got Josh yelling “man up!” at Andrew on repeat. “There’s a bit of a disagreement as to what happened… Andrew hit on a waitress and got her digits, then bragged about it to all the guys. Or a waitress shoved her number in Andrew’s hand and he mentioned it to the guys but he’s not sure why anyone is even talking about it. Either way, here’s my question for the boys: If it’s such a big deal and it bothered them so much, why didn’t anyone say anything the moment it happened?”

So no real clarity on what actually happened there, but a good point. Since Andrew’s eye went a-wandering a week ago, why did it take so long for the bros to bring it up? The instigator of the shakedown was JJ, who scored some one-on-one time with Andi this week. While it seems JJ didn’t just find out about the waitress, he chose to bring it up after the fact “in light of Ron leaving.” (By Ron he means Ron Worrell, who left in the middle of the episode due to a personal tragedy.)

While the pantsapreneur’s reasoning is a bit vague, it sounds like he means Ron’s departure made him realize the men have put their lives on hold to be on the show. Apparently JJ wants to give a leg up to the guys who are there for the — wait for it — “right reasons.” A contestant getting another girl’s digits? JJ’s probably thinking that doesn’t fall into the “right reasons” category.

While Chris doesn’t have any actual insight into exactly what went down, his comments do make it seem like the situation is all “he said/he said,” which means maybe we don’t have our Season 10 villain just yet. But we’ll keep waiting. Oh we will keep waiting.

What did you think of the Andrew drama? Were JJ and Josh just stirring up trouble, or was their confrontation legit? Sound off.

Source: Chris Harrison's Entertainment Weekly blog