Andy Cohen Asks Porsha Stewart to Leave the RHoA Season 6 Reunion! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Andy Cohen Asks Porsha Stewart to Leave the RHoA Season 6 Reunion! (VIDEO)

That rumored reunion brawl between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore? Yea, it was just as cray as you thought it was going to be. Tonight’s April 20 “Reunion, Part 1” episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta cut right to the chase and showed how everything went down between the newest Housewives, and it was pretty evident that Porsha was the main aggressor — at least when it comes to physical actions.

You can click over here to get the entire run down of the face off — just in case you were too busy sinking into a post-Easter/Passover food coma — but we want to also focus on another crazy development the ep brought us: Porsha is out of the rest of the reunion eps! Though we have two more parts to the Hotlanta ladies’ sofa catch-up, the former Mrs. Kordell will not be taking part in those. Why? Because Andy Cohen sent her home!

After things went totally nuts on-set, Porsha and Kenya both ended up in their green rooms — one crying, one seething in rage, respectively. After popping into the former Miss USA’s room to apologize for the incident, Andy paid a visit to Porsha to rehash what went down.

“What happened?” he asked her, being delicate with the still emotional gal.

“I don’t know if i was ready for this,” Porsha admitted. “It’s just been so much happening so fast. I filed for divorce, and within weeks the cameras came and started filming ... She’s bringing up stuff about Kordell, she’s saying this, she’s saying that … I’ve literally been taking so much from her for two years. “

From there, the Bravo producers kindly gave us a flashback to scenes of Kenya being rude to Porsha and yelling at her. To be fair, she really has taken a beating from her fellow Housewife...

“I blacked out,” she continued. “I didn’t even realize what was happening until i was laying on the ground.”

Andy seemed sympathetic, but still took matters seriously. “You understand that to get physical is not the way?” he clarified, to which Porsha conceded, “Absolutely. First of all, I’m embarrassed and I’m disappointed. But I feel like i was literally pushed to the wall.”

The Watch What Happens Live host nodded, but he still had to send her on her merry way. “I dont think that you’re ready for the rest of the day,” Andy explained. “I want you to go home and take care of yourself, alright? At some point you need to apologize to her.”

Well handled, man! Though we have to admit we’re pretty bummed that that’s it for Porsha for the season. There was so much we’d have loved to hear about from her — not to mention we barely touched on her new look (ahem, breasts) and music career!

Are you sad that Porsha’s gone for the rest of the reunion? Did Andy handle the situation well? Share in the comments below.

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