Andy Baldwin Thinks The Bachelor Is Silly, Shares Secrets of the Show
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The Bachelor

Andy Baldwin Thinks The Bachelor Is Silly, Shares Secrets of the Show

The Bachelor has come a really long way in the last almost-dozen years, with stars who sell the show completely. And while there are momentary defectors — looking at you Juan Pablo Galavis — most of the leads sound like they’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid at all the cocktail parties. And then there’s Season 10’s Andy Baldwin, who confirmed in a recent interview that he isn’t exactly huffing many roses these days.

Andy got on the phone with two ladies from Gossipist, one of whom had never seen the show, the other who was a devoted fan. It seems that even seven years after the naval doctor (remember, his season was subtitled “An Officer and a Gentleman”) starred on the show, he still can’t leave it behind. He was happy to talk to them, though, and dropped some knowledge bombs we weren’t sure we were ready for.

Among the truths he told, Andy says that the “show is silly” and that he doesn’t even know “who the Juan Pablo guy is” as he was out on his ship, and wouldn’t have watched it anyway. Bite your tongue, sir. That’s not the way a gentleman speaks! Well, not one we’d want to go on a group date with, anyway…

The Officer-slash-Gentleman also said that back when he was El Bachelor, he was allowed to pick the girls who would be on the show, as well as choose from a pool that knew he was going to be the star. And he planned the dates, too, y’all. He wanted to make sure they had charity and athletic focuses, because that is what he cares about. (No, seriously, we’re pretty sure that’s all he cares about based on what we’ve heard.) He calls his picks “high caliber girls.”

Now, he says, the show is much different, with their selection of past contestants to star on future seasons. “Watching it after, it’s obvious they could care less about the people involved,” Andy bites. “They just care about generating the ratings.” Them’s fightin’ words, and he thinks that it’s that focus on production that creates an inaccurate portrayal, since it’s “not shown in its entirety.” Which makes us think he wants us to be subjected to all eight weeks of filming footage. We pass. We hard pass on that.

Still, Andy recognizes it’s thanks to this experience that alumni form strong bonds, like the ones he has with fellow San Diegans Roberto Martinez (Bachelorette 6) and Kiptyn Locke (Bachelorette 5), who share his love for surfing for tasty waves. “You can’t relate to it unless you’ve gone through it,” he says of his down-to-earth brosefs. But they’re not all cool beans. “There’s some wackos out there that try to make a bigger deal of it than it is,” he says of everyone who isn’t Kiptyn and Roberto some unnamed folk.

These days, he’s living out west, but planning to possibly move back east nearer his Lancaster, Pennsylvania birthplace. In case you were wondering, when he’s not smacking on The Bachelor, he can be found working out. Because, as he says, “Who’s gonna go to see a fat doctor?” Uh.

Source: Gossipist

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