Andy Cohen: “I’m in Love” — But Who Is He in Love With?
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Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen: “I’m in Love” — But Who Is He in Love With?

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen has seen plenty of people fall in and out of love over the course of the Real Housewives series that he oversees. But now he's finally found love of his own! So who is he in love with?

Andy appears on his web series Ask Andy this week and discusses the fact that love has changed him. So who is the recipient of Andy's affection? That would be his new dog, Wacha.

"I'm in love!" Andy gushes about his new pet. "For everyone who's like, 'When are you gonna fall in love, when are you gonna find a boyfriend?' — I told my mom the other night, 'I feel like I'm in love.'"

"She's like, 'That's great, but you now need to fall in love with a human,'" Andy continues. Baby steps, Mama Cohen.

Indeed, Wacha appears to have taken over Andy's life. "I was sitting in a development meeting today looking at pictures of my dog," AC admits. "I have become that person." Nothing wrong with that, right?

Certainly, plenty of Real Housewives stars are known for their pets, like Lisa Vanderpump, who basically takes Giggy everywhere she goes. So will Wacha soon go everywhere that Andy goes, too? We wouldn't be surprised.

Source: Bravo