Andy Cohen Explains Why Porsha Stewart Owes Kenya Moore an Apology
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Andy Cohen Explains Why Porsha Stewart Owes Kenya Moore an Apology

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are still reeling from the shocking violence between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams during Part 1 of the Season 6 Reunion, and Andy Cohen is still trying to explain his part in the debacle.

The popular Bravo host has gotten plenty of heat for, first, allowing Kenya to use props, like a scepter and a bullhorn, which Porsha has called "weapons," and also for not being able to tell that a major altercation was building. Andy has also been criticized for apparently being Team Kenya by asking Porsha to leave the reunion and telling her that she needs to apologize.

Andy has defended himself, claiming he had no idea the incident would happen and that he only asked Porsha to go home because she wasn't prepared to be there emotionally, and now he's explaining on BravoTV why he felt that Kenya deserved an apology.

"The reason why I said to her that she probably owed Kenya an apology was that she physically put her hands on Kenya," he said. "I thought that, because of that, she owed her an apology. I understand what people are saying, in that Kenya was provocative towards her. She absolutely was. It was a really intense situation … I'm sorry that it happened. I feel badly about it. I don't want any situation to escalate like that. It's not pretty."

Porsha has since issued an apology to fans, viewers, and fellow Housewives, but she has yet to tell Kenya she's sorry face-to-face. She will be appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, May 4, for a special one-on-one with Andy.

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