See Andy Cohen and Miley Cyrus Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before — Jellybean Celebs! (PHOTOS)

We've seen artists do some pretty cool things using celebrities as their muse — famous people made out of lattes? Sure! — but this new collection is one of the sweeter ones we've seen.

Pop artist Jason Mecier came out with a colorful collection of "Candylebrities," featuring some of your favorite stars made out of jellybeans. Miley Cyrus is one of the stars who got jellybeaned, with her portrait featuring her famous tongue expression and bun hairdo. Bravo's Andy Cohen, Mob Wives's Big Ang, and actress Lindsay Lohan also got extra sugary for the artwork.

The creations will be showcased at an exhibition in Hollywood later this month. Click through the gallery to see the awesome images. Aren't they on point? Sound off in the comments!