Andy Cohen Admits He Was “Offended” by NeNe Leakes’s “Queen” Comments (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Andy Cohen Admits He Was “Offended” by NeNe Leakes’s “Queen” Comments (VIDEO)

As much as Andy Cohen attempts to be a neutral party when it comes to his beloved Housewives, there’s always a few women that stand out as his clear favorites. One of those is his pal and OG Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes. So we couldn’t help but wonder what he thought of NeNe’s controversial “queen” comments from the Pillow Talk party.

As a proud gay man, we had wondered for some time if Andy was offended by his friend calling Kenya Moore’s gay bestie Brandon DeShazer a “queen.” So during tonight’s May 4 reunion ep, the Watch What Happens Live host put Linnethia on the spot, telling her that many in the LGBT community were offended by the comments.

“You said it multiple times and you said it in a derogatory fashion… It came off that way to me,” Andy said to NeNe, who was surprised by the response.

“If I offended you or anybody else in the gay community, I apologize for that,” NeNe replied, before throwing in a jab to Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey, “since I never apologize. My heart is so cold.” Oh man, couldn’t we have just stopped at the apology?

Kenya, meanwhile, noticed that Andy didn’t seem totally settled with that apology. “Were you offended by that comment?” the former Miss USA probed.

“I was! I just told her that I was,” he clarified.

NeNe, seeming eager to end the conversation, adds, “That’s the end of that. Do I need to go any further? What do you need me to do, do you need me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass?” Whoa! Bold comment to say to the executive producer — even if it is your friend!

“I do like when you kiss my ass, it doesn’t really ever happen,” Andy joked back.

We’re glad that NeNe apologized to the gay community, including Mr. Cohen, but it would be nice to see her put her money where her mouth is. Hold that gay function, lady!

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