Andy Dick Accused of Drunken Sexual Assault
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    

Dancing With The Stars

Andy Dick Accused of Drunken Sexual Assault

Andy Dick just can't seem to get his at together.

After a successful, and seemingly sober, stint on Dancing With the Stars that many thought could be the funnyman's ticket back into the limelight, he seems to have fallen off the wagon and landed with quite a thud.

Page Six reports that Andy recently showed up at a party in East Hampton looking extremely inebriated and out of sorts.

“He didn’t know where he was staying,” an eyewitness explained. “He had no cellphone or wallet.”

Another partygoer offered to take him away from the festivities, after which he allegedly grabbed the steering wheel while she was driving, spit at her, and called her "a moron."

And yet, somehow, things got worse.

"He grabbed my breast and said, ‘You’re so hot. I would [bleep] the [bleep] out of you!” revealed the good Samaritan. After she rejected him, Andy moved on to the woman's husband, grabbing his crotch and trying to kiss him.

The couple eventually brought Andy back to the party, but not before he could ask them for money — a request they understandably denied.

The following night, Andy was reportedly kicked out of another party for peeing in a bush.

Addiction is a cruel mistress. Get some help, Andy.

Source: Page Six