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Angelina Jolie Says Famous Moms “Shouldn’t Complain” (VIDEO)

Maleficent Angelina Jolie has spoken and every Hollywood momma should listen up. The 38-year-old is not only an actress, director, humanitarian, and fiaacée to Brad Pitt, but she is also a working mother of six. And guess what? Despite juggling more things than she can handle at times, she isn’t complaining. In fact, she thinks no Hollywood mother should.

"I'm not a single mom with two jobs trying to get by every day," she tells The New York Daily News. "I have much more support than most people, most women in this world. And I have the financial means to have a home and health care and food."

She adds, "When I feel I'm doing too much, I do less, if I can," the Maleficent actress says. "And that's why I'm in a rare position where I don't have to do job after job. I can take time when my family needs it."

"I actually feel that women in my position, when we have all at our disposal to help us, shouldn't complain," she says (ahem, Gwyneth Paltrow). "Consider all the people who really struggle and don't have the financial means, don't have the support, and many people are single raising children. That's hard." Preach Ange!

It’s a well known fact that Angelina and Brad are very hands-on when it comes to raising their brood of six children. Not only do the kiddies join their parents on set for their films, but sometimes they are even get to be featured on screen.

Take 5-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt for example. This little girl stars as a young Aurora in mommy’s upcoming film, Maleficent (out in theaters May 30). How sweet! But as for the Jolie-Pitt clan taking after their parents in the acting business? Mom and dad are actually against it.

"Brad and I never wanted our kids to be actors." Angelina reveals. "When they get older, if they decide to be actors, I would just ask that that's not the center of their lives, that that [can be] an aspect, but they also do many other things with their lives and are involved in many other things with their lives, because I don't think it's a healthy focus as a center of your life." So much wisdom, you guys!

We love Ange and Brad’s parenting skills, but do you agree with them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The New York Daily News

05.22.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Josephine Cusumano
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