Angelina Pivarnick Attacks Snooki and Deena On Twitter — WTF Alert!
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Jersey Shore

Angelina Pivarnick Attacks Snooki and Deena On Twitter — WTF Alert!

Angelina caused plenty of trouble during her brief stints on Jersey Shore, but now she’s fighting with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans over her controversial new music video “Serendipity,” and even went so far as to attack our girls Snooki and Deena on Twitter!

After she was done sinking her claws into Jenelle, Angelina targeted two fellow guidettes. Someone on Twitter called Angelina out, writing: “No one watched HER [Angelina] in awe... we watched everyone hate on her for being a tramp.”

While we’d probably resent that accusation ourselves, Angelina took her response way too far by bringing up Snooki and Deena, only to shame them! “Lmfao tramp,” Angelina scoffed in response on Twitter. “While Snooki and Deena fucked every guy in the house lmfao.” Ouch, Angelina, that’s way too far, not to mention totally untrue!

Naturally, fiesty Deena responded, only in ways more classy than Angelina could ever be. “First @angelinamtvjs,” Deena tweeted. “why r u bringing my name up on twitter while arguing w/ ppl n to clear the air i didn't have sex w/ anyone in the house.” Why, indeed! We know Angelina is still desperately trying to stay in the spotlight, so name-dropping her ex-roomies who went on to become stars is naturally going to get her the attention she seems to crave.

Recalling her hilarious “first of all...and second of all!” one-liners in her catfight with Sammi Sweetheart in Season 3, Deena continued in on Angelina: “Secondly, @angelinamtvjs I thought the last time we saw each other out.. Which I'm sure we will again.. We agreed there was no issues.”

Angelina has yet to respond to Deena’s points, and for right now, it looks like Snooki is staying out of it.

Are you shocked that Angelina trashed Snooki and Deena while defending herself on Twitter, or are you not surprised in the slightest? What do you think of Deena’s response? Tell us below!