Angeline Jolie Buys 10-Year-Old Son a “Foul” Swear Finger Toy
Angeline Jolie Buys 10-Year-Old Son a “Foul” Swear Finger Toy
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Angeline Jolie Buys 10-Year-Old Son a “Foul” Swear Finger Toy


You know what they say: When in Vegas, get your 10-year-old a "foul" swear finger toy! It really captures the flavor of Sin City and makes for a fabulous souvenir. At least, that’s what Angelina Jolie might have been thinking during a recent family outing.

Store manager of Bonanza Gifts, Angie Hurt, told Us Weekly that the 38-year-old mother of six brought her brood — minus Maddox and papa Pitt — to the store for some shopping on March 25 while the family was in town for CinemaCon.

The doting mother allowed her kids to fill up their baskets with toys, allegedly spending several hundred dollars on trinkets, but it was one piece chosen by the Unbroken director’s son Pax that caught the manager’s attention.

"Pax bought a Swearing Finger," Angie said. "It’s phonic operated, and it will flip off and it swears. It’s really foul! A lot of F-bombs. [Angelina] kind of raised an eyebrow [to Pax’s swearing finger], but she didn’t say anything to him. I think she just lets them get what they want."

Angelina must think that Pax will love the crude toy for a week or so and then it will get buried in the back of the closet like every other novelty plaything. We can't help but wonder what Brad will think, though. Will he play along with his son and the "foul" toy or is Angelina in for an argument? We hope not with Angie adding the celebrity was "just regular and normal" and her whole family "was so nice."

What do you think of Angelina buying this toy for her young son? Sound off below but try to keep it clean.

Source: Us Weekly