Angie Miller Was Confident She Would Make the American Idol Finale — Interview
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Angie Miller Was Confident She Would Make the American Idol Finale — Interview

The voters had their final say in the American Idol results tonight and former frontrunner and perceived favorite Angie Miller was voted off right before the finale next week. Angie was so distraight by the elimination she burst into tears and could barely make it through her elimination song. It was a sad sight for a girl who just yesterday said she was “confident” her fans would vote her through to the final round.

In an interview after the Top 3 American Idol performances show, Angie said she had faith in her fans, “the dreamers,” to cast enough votes to move her to take her to the American Idol 2013 finale. Sadly, it seems like her fan support just wasn't enough to get her all the way to the end. From the interview last night, we had no clue at all Angie had any idea she might be going home this evening.

How are you feeling?

Really good. Tonight was a good night. Everyone did good tonight.

Who do you think did the best tonight?

Honestly, I would hate to be America. I feel like we all have already won. I am so proud of Candice and Kree and I'm proud of myself that we've made it this far and we've done so good this far in the completion. And I don’t know. We all want to make it to the finale.

What did you think about not being able to choose your own songs this week?

Okay. I was freaked out when weren’t able to choose any of them and then, like, I really liked my song choices which was really good because I thought I was going to hate them all. But I really did like all of mine and the whole home visit made me a lot more focused and easier to connect to the songs emotionally and stuff.

How familiar with your songs were you?

I didn’t know any of them. I knew "Try" a little bit just from hearing it on the radio but Elton John I had no idea and the Emeli Sandé

I didn’t hear before.

How emotional was your trip home?

Very. I mean, it is just so overwhelming. Not in an "oh my gosh this is so scary" overwhelming but overwhelming in like a "wow I can't believe this is actually really happening right now." It was so emotional and I don’t know. It was amazing.

You got to perform for a really big crowd…

Yeah. It was huge.

Was that a surprise?

Yeah. Just unexpected and shocking and amazing and everything.

How confident are you that you'll make it to the finale?

You know, I'm really confident in my support system – my fans, the dreamers – I'm really confident in them and I feel like they will vote. If I don't make the top two then there is a reason but I feel really confident in my songs and my support system that I'll make it.

Now much has exhaustion played into this week?

I mean it’s very exhausting, the whole process. There’s tons to do, we had to fly and do the hometown visit in a day and then fly back, it's crazy, but it’s all good. It was worth it, the exhaustion was worth it, because you could tell in our performances tonight that we were all refocused and ready to be in the finale.

How did it feel when Jimmy awarded you round one tonight?

I was shocked that Jimmy liked my songs because normally he has something to say and whatever, but he didn’t say anything negative... so that feels awesome! It feels so awesome that I won the 1st round, that’s so important at this stage in the competition to really do good and I feel like I did.

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