American Idol’s Angie Miller: “I Don’t Want to Shove Jesus Down People’s Throats” — Interview
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American Idol’s Angie Miller: “I Don’t Want to Shove Jesus Down People’s Throats” — Interview

Angie Miller admits to being shocked after last night’s surprising American Idol 2013 elimination show, but don’t expect her to trash talk the remaining girls.

In a group press interview after her elimination, the bubbly Boston-area native insists that, while she would have loved to have gone to the American Idol finale, she has nothing but love in her heart for Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. In fact, she says, “We are such a family,” and talks about how “the tour is going to be such a blast.” She’s looking forward to being able to sing full-length songs without being judged.

When asked whether there may have been something to a sympathy vote for Kree, Angie said she didn’t know about that, but she did know she wasn’t disappointed. As she said, “I love both those girls. They both deserve to be there.” She went on to say of Kree, who has been her roommate since the Top 20, “She’s one of the most genuine girls I know.” She also said she wishes America could get to know the Candice she’s gotten to know, who she says is “hilarious."

Angie admits she was very emotional on Thursday, as she’d been hoping and dreaming of making the American Idol finale, but she now thinks, “It’s just a start – just a beginning,” calling the future very “exciting.” We couldn’t agree more. When asked what was going through her head when watching the emotional goodbye package, she said it seemed like years ago that she was in that huge arena with those thousands of other people, and she couldn’t believe she was the one who got to say, “Welcome back to American Idol!”

The world is certainly Angie’s oyster and, much like the other hopefuls who’ve been eliminated before her, she said she’d love to add acting to her resume at some point. For now, though, she says she’ll be focused on working on her debut album. She’s not going the Christian route, though, as many predicted, particularly after that impressive take on Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone”.

In fact, despite having parents who are preachers and expressing a lot of pride in that, she shocked by saying, “I don’t want to shove Jesus down people’s throats.” Instead, she says her music will be more subtle, showing her faith through the meaning and the words as she put it, “not in your face Jesus songs.”

Interestingly enough, Angie’s favorite moment of the season happens to be the moment everyone fell in love with her as well it was when she sat down at that piano during Hollywood Week to sing her original song, “You Set Me Free”. As she put it, “That was the moment it really started for me.” It was then that she felt she was able to show America who she really is as an artist.

We have a feeling she’ll be showing us who she is as an artist for a long, long time. What did you think of Angie’s shocking American Idol departure?

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