Angie Miller “Not Going to Go Down the Christian Genre” Career Route
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Angie Miller “Not Going to Go Down the Christian Genre” Career Route

In our interview with Angie Miller after her shocking American Idol season 12 departure, she mentioned she doesn’t want to “shove Jesus down people’s throats” with her music. She continues to stick by that notion as, for Angie, Christianity is more a way of life, not her ideal music genre.

The daughter to two preachers, she told TVLine’s
Idology in a recent interview, "I'm not going to go down the Christian genre, I'm not going to be in the Christian world. So I still want to feel my songs have some sort of, not being like oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, but just like, you know, the songs are going to come from my heart and that's my heart. So, lyrics and meaning behind things are totally going to like have the spiritual meaning to things.”

Having a connection to the song’s lyrics is very important to Angie, which is why her theory on the hot mess that was her “Shop Around” performance was that she wasn’t connected to the song’s meaning. “It's not me at all, the message of it isn't me," she said. She went on to explain, “I don't want to be like just a good singer, just a good performer, or whatever. I want to be like an artist, someone who really appreciates the music and appreciates the lyrics and just everything all together.”

While she insists she won’t be Christian artist, the TVLine article points out that a few of her choices during her Idol run had religious themes, like Kari Jobe’s “Love Come Down,” her own original song, “You Set Me Free,” and Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone”.

Angie said she had actually covered “Never Gone” before going on the show, and her rendition of it earned her a kudos from Colton, himself. "He wrote on it, he was like, 'you're good, we should work together in the future,' and who would have known?" Angie gushed.

While her original, “You Set Me Free,” was instantly popular with the public after she debuted it during Hollywood Week, Angie said she had only performed it in front of an audience once, and was very unsure. As she told TVLine, “...the night before I did it, we had to meet with vocal coaches and sing our song to them or whatever, and I look at him and I was just like, 'Tell me if this song is terrible, cause I don't know. Just say if I should do it or not.'"

It wasn’t only a turning point for her on the show but in her own mind. She said she thought to herself, “Wow, I actually have a chance at this now.” While she didn’t nab a spot in the finale, which came as a huge surprise to many, the 19-year-old Boston-area native will certainly have a long career in music.

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