Angie Miller Not Pissed Over Elimination: “Great Things Have Happened From Being Voted Off” — Interview
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Angie Miller Not Pissed Over Elimination: “Great Things Have Happened From Being Voted Off” — Interview

American Idol 2013 finalist Angie Miller was visibly (and audibly) distraught after she was eliminated last week, barely managing to squeak out half her exit song with tears streaming down her face. A week later, however, Angie was all smiles before the American Idol Season 12 finale and ready to cheer on friends Candice Glover and Kree Harrison to the end.

Speaking in a press interview before the finale, Angie Miller said she was not angry that she didn’t make it to the finale (although she had been very confident she would make it). She already has a single available for download, a record deal reportedly in the works, and she knows that you don’t have to be an American Idol winner to use the show as a stepping stone to stardom.

Are you pissed?

HAHA! No I’m not pissed. No because you know what, of course Wednesday was sad ‘oh you’re voted off’ or whatever. Then they were like hey you’re going to go to the studio and record your first single and it’s going to be released on Thursday after the finale. How can you be upset about that? Great things have happened from being voted off. So already it’s proven that being the Jennifer Hudson, the Chris Daughtry, so I hope that it turns out to be better off.

Is there other stuff in the works for you?

I hope so, it’s just been a week so I’m still hearing things. Hopefully this song I release tonight will determine who I’m signed with and what I’m doing with my album and everything.

WP: How did the recording process go?

So good, it was my first time in a recording studio. I worked with Red Decibel, they’re amazing, three guys. We did it in two days! And by two days I don’t mean a full two days I mean 6 hours one day, 6 hours the next day. It was so quick. It was amazing being able to have hands on the creative process, the drums, the bass, the guitars, piano, it felt good, like it was mine. You know it was my first song and it feels really good.

Is it just your voice or are you playing the drums or playing the piano?

Yeah I’m playing the drums! No, I’m playing the piano and singing.

WP: Have you spoken with Candace and Kree recently, how are they feeling?

Yeah we just did rehearsals and I talked to Kree and I was like how are you feeling are you nervous and she was like “No I’m really calm”. I was like oh okay, I’m more nervous than she is!

WP: Who do you think will win? Not who you want to win, but who do you think will take it?

They both deserve it, they’re both so good, they both killed it! America I don’t know how they did it, that’s the hardest thing ever.

What will you say to the winner?

Good job, congratulations, it’s such a long process it feels amazing to be where they are and I’m so proud.

05.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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