Angie Miller’s Brother Could Be the Next American Idol Winner? — Interview
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Angie Miller’s Brother Could Be the Next American Idol Winner? — Interview

Angie Miller may have lost out on her chance of being the next American Idol winner, but could another member of the Miller family still have a chance of claiming the prize?

We first took note of Angie Miller’s extremely talented brother, Jon Miller, when we saw a video of the two of them performing her original song “You Set Me Free” prior to her run on American Idol 2013.

After waiting the video, we immediately wondered if Jon had ever tried out for American Idol and, if not, if he planned to now that he’s seen how successful his sister has been on the show. After the American Idol performances on Wednesday night, Angie Miller spilled the beans on what her brother thinks of the idea of trying out for the show.

What was the highlight of the hometown visit for you?

robably the concert and playing on stage with my brother and his band again. I love playing with them and that was just like the best feeling ever, playing with them again. And the amount of people there, I feel like the concert was probably my favorite part.

Was that the biggest crowd you have ever played to?

Oh yeah, I mean yeah. I know there are millions of people watching American Idol but it's not the same as being there. I think we all realized the amount of support we are getting because we have been in this bubble so it's cool to actually see it and it helps a lot.

How special was it to have your brother up on stage there with you?

It was the best thing ever. So special having him there with me and I'm so glad America was able to see him there on TV with me, I love him so much and I'm so glad he was there tonight.

Do we know what song he played with you on stage?

All of them. He plays drums and acoustics so he kind of just switched off.

Does he do vocals?

Yes he does.

Has he ever tried out for American Idol?

No, but back when I made the Top 40, American Idol gave us these little flip cams and told us to film things. I was like, “John would you ever try out for American Idol?” He was like “no,” but then said, “but if you win I will try out.” We shook on it and I was like okay but that was in the Top 40 and now he's probably like “oh crap.”

They will probably definitely show that next season?

I hope he does.

Sadly, Angie Miller was eliminated on American Idol 2013 this week, so her brother doesn't have to worry about honoring that bet. Even so, we'd love to see him try out next year anyway! Wouldn't be awesome to see another Miller family sibling make it to the Top 10 on American Idol 2014?

05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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