Angry Miley Cyrus Fans Want Concert Refund — Here’s Why
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Angry Miley Cyrus Fans Want Concert Refund — Here’s Why

Boston-area Miley Cyrus fans are wicked pissed — not so much at the singer as at radio station KISS 108 for leading them to believe right up until just about the last minute that Miley would be performing at the Jingle Ball on December 14.

Miley was a headliner for the Boston show, but she was actually stranded in New York thanks to a winter storm. Still, radio announcements made it seem like she was there and ready to perform.

Billboard shared a couple of radio clips, including one that claimed to be from outside Miley's dressing room in Boston, saying "She's about to go onstage and soundcheck; we'll bring it to you live." Another clip added, "It's kind of surreal when you're just walking backstage and you literally, bump into Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus or Fallout Boy. They're all here."

But Miley wasn't there, and a lot of the audience didn't know until an announcement came over the loudspeaker after Enrique Iglesias left the stage — and he was scheduled as the next-to-last performer.

So now a petition has been started, called "Kiss 108 FM: Refund Jingle Ball tickets."

As fan Rich Nowak wrote in part of his petition, "Prior to the show they posted on social media that Miley was in the building and they lied on-air saying that Miley was in the arena, even commenting on what she was wearing and how she was about to go out and do a sound check. These were obviously lies because Miley was tweeting that she was still stuck and trying to get to Boston. At the open of the show they once again lied and claimed Miley was there. All of this added to the shock and disappointment when we were told that she wasn't coming." Rich said he paid more than $200 apiece for his tickets, and other fans at the concert shared their own frustrations at the “disrespectful” way Miley’s no-show was handled.

The story was picked up by various outlets, from the Boston Herald to Spin and Gawker, and Rich updated his page to report that Kiss 108 was working on "something," presumably related to making it up to fans.

It seems like most fans understand why Miley couldn’t make it — bad weather is bad weather, and it sounds like she did try to get there — they’re just angry about the radio station misleading them to that extent. The station was probably desperately holding out hope that she could make it, then Mother Nature called their bluff. C’est la vie.

Do you think fans will ever see their money again, or maybe get a bonus concert from Miley?

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12.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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