Angry Mom Punches Skateboarder Who Slammed Into Her Son (VIDEO)


Angry Mom Punches Skateboarder Who Slammed Into Her Son (VIDEO)

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet today you’ve likely seen the video of this mother punching a skateboarder’s lights out after he accidentally hit her son while going for a ride. While the little boy sure seemed to take a big hit when being knocked down, the mother’s reaction was so over the top, we’re still shaking our heads five minutes after watching the video.

It appears that a friend may have been taping the skateboarder taking some jumps. Right after his second jump, he rounds a corner and unknowingly barrels into the boy as he approaches. He gets down to see if the boy, who is wailing, is okay. Another woman comes to pick up the crying boy as, again, you can hear the skateboarder apologize.

This is where things go very Jerry Springer on us. The mom, who was far off to the right (obviously not watching her son), approaches like any angry panther about to go after her prey. She walks right up to the guy and confronts him about knocking over her son on his birthday (the nerve!) and, before he can even explain himself, she coldcocks the guy right in the kisser (that is, after she pushed him hard).

What did you think of the video? What would you have done if you were this mom?

Source: YouTube

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08.22.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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