Ann Ward Wins America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15
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America's Next Top Model

Ann Ward Wins America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

"Ann is the new sexy," as Andre Leon Talley told us tonight on the ANTM Cycle 15 finale. She sealed the deal when she won five photo shoots in a row, the most any model on the series has ever won before. We can't say we didn't see this coming. But it was fun to watch! Read the full recap here.

Here are Ann's strengths and weaknesses moving forward in her career:

Power Points

  • The unique ability to make the judges gasp with amazement when doing almost nothing. Remember Andre’s reaction to her Rodeo Dr. photo with the red Converses? We thought he might pass out, wake up, and then pass out again.
  • Buzz word generator. Has been called all the important, Vogue Italia adjectives: unique, weird, awkward. No one else this cycle drew the kinds of compliments she received. Her ability to transform into a man, a statue, a wrestler, etc. is unmatched.
  • Raw talent. Her walk might need work, but given that she has no prior experience, Ann seems to instinctively know how to position her body and work her angles.

Points of Weakness
  • The personality. Ann’s shy, have you heard? And while you can’t suddenly be a social butterfly after years of being a wallflower, she will need to demonstrate to the judges that she can interact comfortably and present herself with confidence. Though we think some of the critiques went a bit too far. Nigel: “My biggest problem with you is that you just don’t emote.” OK, let’s not get carried away.
  • Inconsistency. During panel, Tyra mentioned the dip Ann took after five top photos in a row. She has to keep the nerves down and the energy up, especially on the runway, which is not her strongsuit.
  • Competition nerves. She’s isn’t as cutthroat as Chelsey.

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