Downton Abbey Season 4: Will Mr. Green, Anna’s [SPOILER], Return?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4: Will Mr. Green, Anna’s [SPOILER], Return?

Downton Abbey’s January 12 episode left viewers reeling after beloved character Anna Bates (Joanne Froggatt) was brutally beaten and raped by a visitor to the Abbey: Lord Gillingham’s (Tom Cullen) valet, Mr. Green (Nigel Harman).

One of the most gut-wrenching parts of the episode was when Mr. Green came upon a battered Anna talking with her concerned husband, Mr. Bates (Brendan Coyle). With a smug smile on his face, Green wishes the couple a good night, forcing Anna who, at the time, thought it best to keeping the attack a secret to wish her rapist a good evening. How much we wanted Anna to break character, rush down the hallway, and throttle Green.

As we continue to process the episode’s events, we have to ask: Was that horrible encounter between Bates, Anna, and Green just the first such meeting? Seeing as the valet works for Lord Gillingham, will he be returning every time Anthony does?

Unfortunately for our peace of mind, Green is slated to appear in two more episodes for Season 4 — the ones airing February 16 and February 23. If you want to know how that ends for Green, we’ve got plenty of spoilers.

Back in October, Nigel, who plays Green, discussed his role on Downton, and although he doesn't provide any details about what brings his character back to the Abbey, he does note the riskiness of the show’s latest plot twist.

“It was a shocking storyline and a bold storyline, and something that when I was sent the script and read it I was kind of amazed by and excited by, if that’s the word,” he said, “because for a show like Downton Abbey it really leaps out as a bold and risky idea.”

Indeed, the idea was too risky for some viewers. The Daily Mail reported at least 30 people filed a complaint with British television watchdog Ofcom about the episode with many sounding off on Twitter with harshly worded complaints. A representative of the show responded to the outrage by saying, “Viewers will see in the forthcoming episodes how Anna and Bates struggle to come to terms with what has happened.”

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Source: The Daily Mail

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