Anna Kendrick in Spoof Super Bowl Ad: I’m Approachable Hot, Not Beer-Commercial Hot (VIDEO)
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Anna Kendrick in Spoof Super Bowl Ad: I’m Approachable Hot, Not Beer-Commercial Hot (VIDEO)

Newcastle Brown Ale is trying really hard to make us believe that its hilarious behind-the-scenes video from the Anna Kendrick Super Bowl commercial it couldn't afford is not, in fact, a Super Bowl commercial in itself.

We'll see whether or not we'll be treated to the ad on the "Mega Huge Game Day" — as Newcastle calls it, claiming it can't even use the S-word and the B-word.

But regardless, the spot is hilarious.

In the video, which you can see below, the 28-year-old Pitch Perfect star rants about the experience as a hair stylist primps her 'do: "[Newcastle] called to say they didn't have any money. It's disappointing, you know? Um, 'cause I was really looking forward to the paycheck. So I'm, like, back to doing like, indie cred stuff, which is great. But you can't stuff indie cred down a male stripper's G-string, you know what I'm saying?"

In another part, she muses that she has never seen herself as beer-commercial hot: "I mean, I'm hot but, like… like, approachable hot. Like, 'the hottest girl in your improv class' hot. Like, hot to the kind of guys who, like, feel bad calling a girl hot. But, like, beer-commercial hot? Am I beer-commercial hot? No. But I love a challenge."

After recapping her career thus far, Anna says, "I think basically the only thing I haven't done is a nude scene and get paid a s—t-ton of money to be in a commercial — for a beer I don't even drink. So, this gave me the opportunity to do both of those things.

She gets increasinging incensed, and then skulks off, but not before telling her stylist to "suck it." And then again, for good measure: "Suck it."

OK, Newcastle: You're combining one of our favorite actresses, divalicious dialogue, and meta humor. Consider us sold! You're not really going to keep this ad from airing on February 2, are you?

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01.30.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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