Anna Trebunskaya Opens Up About Life With Daughter Amalya
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Anna Trebunskaya Opens Up About Life With Daughter Amalya

It looks like motherhood is coming naturally to Dancing With the Stars vet Anna Trebunskaya!

The professional dancer, who welcomed daughter Amalya with her actor boyfriend Nevin Mllan on January 18, opened up to People about the unexpected ways parenthood has changed her.

I’m slightly in a haze/twilight zone. It’s been a few weeks and it’s gone by so fast. It’s kind of nice. It’s very different than the kind of life I had before,” reveals the first-time mom.

While her professional life may be all about glitz, glamour, and hours of preparation, when it came to delivering their daughter, Anna and Nevin decided that going natural was the best decision for them.

“I wanted to have a natural birth and I wanted to have her at home,” says Anna. “I had no medication. I went full on, as nature has intended … Women’s bodies are phenomenal. A lot of women are scared of a natural birth and for good reason. But I had a good pregnancy. I had no problems, good health, so natural birth was an easy decision for me.”

Anna, who describes her decision to have a drug-free homebirth “by no means a walk in the park,” says that, despite her expectation that she’d get back to work immediately, she’s loving the time she’s spending away from the spotlight.

“What surprised me is I never knew how excited I’d be about my daughter pooping and peeing. I’m like, “Yes! Everything is working and it’s the right color,” jokes the star. “We are just on baby island and it’s one day at a time.”

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