Dancing With the Stars’ Anna Trebunskaya Reveals Pregnancy Cravings — Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars’ Anna Trebunskaya Reveals Pregnancy Cravings — Exclusive

Pro dancer Anna Trebunskaya, a longtime Dancing With the Stars fan favorite, was noticeably absent from the Season 17 lineup revealed earlier today on Good Morning America. But it was with good reason: Anna just revealed she’s four months pregnant with her first child!

An overjoyed Anna got on the phone with Wetpaint Entertainment to share all her pregnancy details, including how she’s feeling, what she’s craving, and if she’s going to find out the sex of her baby. Here’s what she had to say:

Wetpaint Entertainment: First thing’s first. How are you feeling?

Anna Trebunskaya: I feel great, to be honest with you. I’m very lucky in that I had an easy first trimester. I didn’t feel very pregnant. I was able to travel and do everything I normally do.

Did you have nausea or morning sickness?

I only puked once. It was bad, but I think it was more due to car sickness than pregnancy. I was on a very windy road.

What about cravings?

For the first trimester, I wanted olives all the time — especially those Kalamata olives. I would just go to grocery store and hit the olive bar. I was going through container after container every week! Now, in the second trimester, it’s changed more to sweets: gelato, jam on my toast, and things like that.

Was it a tough decision not to dance as a pro this season?

No, I just wanted to be cautious and not risk anything. But I may do a guest appearance and, of course, I’ll be in the audience as much as I can. I want to support my family. I’ll cheerlead from the sidelines!

Will you find out the baby’s sex?

I’m still thinking about it. I just want a healthy baby, and that’s my biggest priority. So far, everything has been going great.

Last question: Are you currently in a relationship with the baby’s father?I would rather not talk about it. He’s a great guy and he’s very supportive of me. Let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t be as happy with the situation as I am if he wasn’t supportive. It’s a new journey for me, a new adventure.

Are you bummed that Anna won’t be back for DWTS? Do you hope she returns for a guest spot this season? Sound off below, and leave your congratulations for the mama-to-be in the comments!

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