Another of Ben’s Exes Defends Courtney, Makes a Bid for Bachelor Pad 3
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Another of Ben’s Exes Defends Courtney, Makes a Bid for Bachelor Pad 3

Remember Rachel Truehart from The Bachelor Season 16? She’s the blonde beauty with killer bangs had that awkward(ly edited) rowboat date with Ben Flajnik. Recently she sat down with The Bachelor Expert and dished on two of our favorite topics: Courtney Roberston and Bachelor Pad.

Like fellow contestant Casey Shteamer, Rachel felt that Courtney was misunderstood and not nearly as manipulative as she was depicted on the show: “People didn’t understand her humor and thought her intentions were wrong, but she really is a sweetheart and not the evil person a lot of people think she is.”

Rachel would know. She says that the two were actually “pretty close friends” during filming, and though Rachel stood up for Courtney to the other girls, that footage was left on the editing room floor. It seems like Rachel’s warm feelings for Courtney have remained: “I hope people will give her a chance and not judge her just from what they saw on the show, she is SO much more than that.”

Despite her sense that Courtney was misrepresented on camera, Rachel feels overall “I had a really positive and great experience on The Bachelor.” So what about the franchise’s crazier spinoff Bachelor Pad, which premieres its third season this summer? Rachel says she “definitely would” be up for it, and adds that she’s been meeting with some Bachelor Nation alumni already. “Everyone is so nice and fun I think it would be a really cool experience and a great chance at some cash of course!"

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Source: The Bachelor Expert