ANTM All-Star Cast Revealed for Cycle 17
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM All-Star Cast Revealed for Cycle 17

Cycle 17 of America's Next Top Model will serve as the All-Star season many fans have been hoping for since, oh, somewhere around Cycle 10. And, thanks to the live first judging that taped this week, the cast has been revealed to eagerly awaiting fans. Unfortunately, we had to do a lot of Wikipedia-ing and Google Image searching to refresh our rusty memories on some of the contestants. To be fair, all the memorable girls probably turned the show down because they're busy pursuing real modeling careers, but we're seriously surprised the casting directors even remembered some of the modeltestants chosen.

Luckily, most of the girls who'll be repping ANTM cycles-past were the token pot-stirrers of their day, so it'll probably be a drama-filled house. Thanks, Tyra! Okay, okay, we'll stop keeping you in suspense. Without further ado, the ANTM All-Stars are:

Cycle 1's Shannon: runner-up, homophobic, Jesus-freak who refused to get naked for a shoot (remember back when that was a popular model concern? HA!).

Cycle 2's Camile: resident clueless, puffy-lipped (allergic reaction) bitch with a "signature walk"...and by "signature" she means pigeon-toed.

Cycle 4's Brittany: AKA the young Janice Dickinson, who got trashed at designer Craig Port's party and mimicked getting it on doggy-style with him...actually, that is very Janice-like.

Cycle 5's Bre: do not mess with this chick's granola bars.

Cycle 5's Lisa: another resident wino who claimed to be the "healthiest" girl of her season...later eliminated for her arrogance. Shocker. Lisa went on to star on another reality TV series: Celebrity Rehab (we're not kidding).

Cycle 9's Bianca [pictured]: immature instigator...until Tyra declared her head be shaved bald after her damaged hair wouldn't take a weave during makeovers. She later beat up that girl from Hairspray in an airport (still not kidding).

Cycle 10's Dominique: accused a modeltestant of being racist for hogging the

Cycle 11's Isis: ANTM's first transgendered model, AKA the fiercest of the fierce. Love that she's back.

Cycle 11's Sheena: overly slutty, token Asian model who first lied about, and later fessed up to, getting a boob job.

Cycle 12's Allison: nose-bleed-drawing, birdhouse-building runner up.

Cycle 13's Laura: sunburned, dyslexic runner-up for "the short model" cycle.

Cycle 14's Angelea: ghetto-bot. Need we say more?

Cycle 15's Kayla: the love of our lives; adorbz lesbian who got kind of skittish about making out with boys, but got over it just in time to get robbed of the final 2 by Ann Ward...also, terrible, awful Ronald McDonald dye-job during makeovers...yikes.

Cycle 16's Alexandria: Noooooooooo! Ugh, we were JUST celebrating her finally getting booted off Cycle 16, but apparently, she's back for All-Stars. Kill us.

What do you think of the list? Is anyone you love missing?

Source: Rochester City Newspaper

05.13.2011 / 12:20 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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