ANTM Call the Shots, Episode 15.3
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Call the Shots, Episode 15.3

Let’s begin with Terra, who took great issue with being sent home so soon after her transformation, tearfully wishing the cut had been made before the...cut. On the one hand, we found this logic faulty. Someone was going to go home soon enough. It would be one thing if they had ushered her out the door with the Fred Segal salon smock still tied around her neck, but there were photos taken after makeovers were complete. Also, it was a free haircut. On the other hand, this was indisputably done for shock value, in as much as things like this can be actually shocking. After her name was called, Mr. Jay told her, “The issue that we’re having is that we don’t believe that you believe you belong.” This vague, non-explanation was followed by a semi-awkward moment where Terra seemed to be asking to stay longer. And really, why not just let her throw on the harness and some wings? Clearly there was an abundance of silly fallen angel adjectives, which is the only way to explain Rhianna’s sultry/hopeless combination.

Timing aside, they probably made the right call with Terra, but let’s pose this question: Would she have even made the initial cut without Chris? Think back to the premiere when the sisters bounced into the interview room together, wowing the judges with their comedic timing. They are an incredibly likable twosome, both pretty and funny, but as Tyra said, “I think Chris is the model.” Did the judges really think Terra had a shot at winning? Because we never got that impression. Never mind questioning the motives of the makeover; the real thing to wonder about is who was invited for the show and who was invited for the competition.

Now, we have to talk about Sara, which means we have to talk about Lexie. If all of these girls were murder suspects instead of models, wouldn’t we assume Lexie was the killer? Maybe we read too much into things, but here are a few of the comments that had us thinking it might be her time to go:

Mr. Jay: I’ve just become very uninspired by her...I’m not feeling this one.

Mr. Jay: Every time Lexie steps on set, she lets me down.

Anne Menke (the photographer): Lexie, she probably shouldn’t model, to be really honest. I think that her whole body is, like, not right for it.

Andre: I think she looks like an old English society matron.

Granted, they were none too thrilled with Sara throughout the episode either. Jay and J thought she was uncomfortable with the makeover, and Nigel took issue with her “easy” dance poses and lack of fire. Even Sara suspected she was in trouble. As Tyra stood before the bottom two and said, “Lexie, you delivered blah, and Sara, you delivered a ballet dancer,” we could only wonder, if there had to be one, wasn’t this the time for a double elimination?


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12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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