Top 5 OMG Moments from ANTM Cycle 15, Episode 10
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Top 5 OMG Moments from ANTM Cycle 15, Episode 10

We’ll throw in a bonus OMG moment for the intro — that full-body statue makeup was really something. The aftermath might have been even better. At panel, you could spot a trace of gray here and there. Where’s fifteen gallons of cold cream when you need it, right? Anyway, here are the Top 5 OMG Moments.

5. Chris’s wish half comes true.

A competition like this must take its toll. Yeah, you’re in Italy, but you’re so tired in Italy — emotionally and mentally toyed with day in and day out. One’s thoughts must run wild: Why am I here? Why are they filming me? Is this being aired live, like The Truman Show? Chris’s mistake was that she shared one of these thoughts with Kayla, the one where she was hoping for a double elimination. But she was sure to add this: “Be careful what you wish for, ‘cause it may be me.” Mmmyeah. We got the dish from Chris about being sent home right here.

4. Versace guy doesn’t like...

This was awkward. After the very blunt Angelo from Versace said that Chris looked like a model from the '80s, they cut to Chris outside of the building talking about how happy she was to have been there and that she hoped they called. We weren’t around for enough of the '80s to know what his comment even meant, but don't fret, Chris. The '80s are always on their way back.

3. Do your best Andre impression.

We’d like to see the complete footage from this scene. After Tyra gave the girls some (very useful) tips on how to arrange their portfolios, she explained how the process of laying out the photos in front of her and critiquing them was just like panel. And then the magic question from Chris: “So who wants to be Nigel?” What followed was a very weird, very brief imitation of panel right there in an IMG office. Chelsey’s impression of Andre amounted to repetition of the word “dreckitude” and saying, “Get it out of here...I don’t want to see it!” In other words, she’s been paying attention. Props to Chris for her spot-on impression of Tyra while sitting directly across from her. We’ll just call it a coincidence that she was eliminated.

Want to be a model, too? We got tips from a casting agent right here.

2. No wonder Jane cried.

So, Jane’s breakdown on set was one of the more memorable events of the night, but the reason for it we think it up for debate. Nigel got frustrated with her for not coming alive as a statue would for the right sculptor. So, very helpfully, Mr. Jay asked, “Hey, Jane, you’re in a relationship, right?” When she said no, he replied, “And you know what? It kinda shows.” Ouch! But at least she had a lot of single girl fun in college...

1. The pre-panel banter is getting intense.

There’s guerilla-style pre-panel footage in every episode, but this one was extra special. Nigel talked about chicken tartare. Andre held up a personal fan. Tyra did facial exercises. And then, a poor crew member had to break it all up. “So, uh, you ready to stand Tyra?”

Watch the video of the OMG moments below...


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