ANTM  Power Rankings, Cycle 15, Episode 10: “Kyle Hagler”
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Power Rankings, Cycle 15, Episode 10: “Kyle Hagler”

Who intimidated the real statues in the villa gardens? Check out the Power Rankings from this week’s episode.

The Top 3

3. Ann. Important thing to consider: The fact that she was the only one Versace wanted to hire throws this ranking off a bit.

2. Chelsey. Chelsey may win this thing just by sheer force of will. Her goal during the statue shoot? “This week I need to show my personality and to show Nigel and Mr. Jay that I want it more than anyone here, and I think I deserve it more than anyone here.” We’re not sure if all that was achieved, but Chelsey definitely wasn’t fooling around on set. She was also the challenge winner, and the only girl who made it to two go-sees, one of which she booked. So why hasn’t she gotten top photo yet? It’s interesting that when Tyra called Chelsey’s name, she mentioned so many intangibles —focus, knowledge, passion. But not “It.”

1. Kayla. Kayla’s held steady at first place for the second week in a row. With another “pretend to be in love with this male model” shoot in front of her, she made the professional decision to commit to the moment. As Mr. Jay said, she modeled “all the way to her pinky toe.” It was enough for Tyra & Co. to excuse her tardiness disqualification during the challenge. Check the photo shoot photos here.

Surprise Smize

Kayla put it this way: “Jane came off in total tears. Like, it was just a total train wreck. So, I see Jane in the bottom two.” Jane was really the only one who didn’t generate any positive reactions from Nigel or Mr. Jay (even Chris was getting compliments at the beginning of her shoot), and given that we were down to five, that seemed problematic. But ultimately, the shoot was irrelevant. Her tears at panel eeked her past Chris.

The Next to Go?

Next week, Tyra is directing a motion editorial with the girls, which makes us a little nervous for Ann and Jane (and also Tyra).


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