ANTM: Top 10 Quotes, Cycle 15, Episode 10: “Kyle Hagler”
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM: Top 10 Quotes, Cycle 15, Episode 10: “Kyle Hagler”

From Versace to bubbly deliciousness. Check out the Top 10 Quotes from last night.

10. Chris (after reading the Tyra Mail): Impressione who?
Impressione roughly translates to: “An exercise in which you are punished for getting lost even though that was the point all along.”

9. Andre (on Kayla): She looks like a great a beautiful Como.
Well, mission accomplished then.

8. Kayla (to Chelsey): Should we get a brochure or go to Versace? ‘Cause that’s how we get to the underground, whatever. Underground, railroad, thing.
The Underground Railroad? Last we checked, that doesn’t lead to Versace. And Kayla dug her own hole down to the underground railroad when she mentioned she was well-versed in Chicago's public transport system. We know it's elevated and all, but still...

7. Chris (on Chelsey): We came home, and this b*tch got a Versace jacket.
Missing only half of your appointments comes with rewards.

6. Andre (on Ann): She needs to go somewhere and be told, “Learn how to convey a personality.”
Like right in front of you guys every single week?

5.Mr. Jay (to Kayla, who’s covered in makeup): I wanna hug you, but if you mess me up, I’m gonna bust you.
Guess she’ll pass then.

4. Mr. Jay (while watching Ann’s shoot): Mama is getting her itch scratched!
Why don’t we feel relief?

3. Kayla (looking at Chelsey’s Versace coat, her challenge prize): And you can tell that it’s real. It’s not a knock-off.
Though getting a fake Versace coat from Versace headquarters would be a better story.

2. Andre (on Chris): She’s just a vat of bubbling, bubbly deliciousness.
And where else can you put that to use but television?

1. Chris (doing her impression of Tyra): Well, I don’t know, I mean, I look at the eyes and I see lust, I see jazz, and I see holla, holla, holla! I see potential.

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