America's Next Top Model

ANTM: Top 5 Tyra-isms, Cycle 15, Episode 10

5. (To Chelsey): As far as photography, this is one of my favorites out of the girls, but I don’t feel "model." I feel "beautiful woman."
What a slam.

4. (To Chris): Mr. Leon Talley says that you deserve your own comedy show.
Comedy show? As Andre himself would say, this statement was having a 1950’s moment.

3. (To all the models): In Italy, they say “go and see.”
Translate all hyphens to “and.” Then you pretty much speak Italian.

2. (To Chris): Chris, you stand before me because you started off as a girl with this effervescent personality, just somebody that you want to be around. And also, a girl who took some good ass photos.
Tyra’s imitation of Chris imitating Tyra?

1. (To Jane): The reason why your name was called is because the judges saw some passion today in this room. They saw a human being, and you showed us a crack of a real, true person.
Was the real twist that Jane was statue that came to life for the love of Tyra?

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11.11.2010 / 09:26 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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