“Anyone Have a BB Gun?” and More Quotes: ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 8
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America's Next Top Model

“Anyone Have a BB Gun?” and More Quotes: ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 8

Jaclyn's departure is going to leave a Texas-sized void in these lists, so let's celebrate our last few moments with her. Check out the most quotable moments from "Lana Marks."

8. Jaclyn: I have never picked up a map before in my life, because I live in Belton, Texas. There's a Wal-Mart, there's a Bush's Chicken, but nothing big, you know. I don't need a map.

It would be awesome to see a map of that, though.

7. Molly: I better be going to Morocco, or I swear to God, I will punch a hole in something.

We believe it.

6. Alexandria (at the photo shoot): I felt like a queen...on top of a bunch of garbage.

How editorial!

5. Molly: I do not like traffic, I don't like pedestrians. I really wanted to shove the dude out of my car and be like, 'Can I please drive? You are not aggressive enough. This is ridiculous.'

He couldn't just sit in the back?

4. Alexandria (changing into a bikini): I run outside and took my pants down. I was wearing a thong, so it's not like I was embarrassing myself.


3. Molly (looking up at the birds): Anyone have a BB gun?

A PETA campaign is in her future.

2. Brittani: I'm going to that one first, because if I got lost I was gonna be up sh*t's creek without a paddle.

Yeah, you don't want to be on that creek without a paddle.

1. Jaclyn: I am so screwed. The only other map I've ever read was in World Geography, and lord help me, because I always got in trouble for talking in that class.

We'll miss you!

04.15.2011 / 12:32 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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