Apollo Nida: “I Feel Like All People Cheat”! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Apollo Nida: “I Feel Like All People Cheat”! (VIDEO)

That Kenya Moore is trouble, isn’t she? Just when you think she’s playing nice for once, she turns around and stirs up some new drama all over again. In tonight’s March 23 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya pushed the group into a lively debate on the concept of cheating, and while she definitely started the chat, it was Apollo Nida’s comments on the issue that really shocked everyone.

In a supposed attempt to re-do couples night in a more positive manner, the former Miss USA gathered the women and their hubbies on the final night in Mexico. There, she had everyone pass around a bowl of provoking questions — what annoys you about a couple here? what type of sex do you prefer? — but none more than Miss Lawrence’s, which asks “what would you define as cheating?” Oh snap!

“I think every man — gay, straight, white, black, green — all have the tendency to cheat,” Lawrence responds, before adding deviously, “Phaedra and Apollo: What do you all think about that?”

Phaedra is pretty traditional in her thoughts on the subject, stating “if you want to cheat, you should not be getting married,” and outlines that the first time she finds someone (ahem, Apollo) cheating, she’s done with them. But her hubby is on a totally different page.

“For me, I feel like all people cheat,” Apollo admits. Say what?! He then continues, “I feel like at some given point, there’s a breaking point.”

The rest of the crew is just as taken aback as we are, and Porsha Stewart asks, “Do you think Phaedra has cheated?”

“Now, no. Not right now, but at some point, something could happen,” Phaedra’s man elaborates. “This is what I’d tell her, if you’re going to cheat, please make sure that you wear a condom.” Whoa, this keeps getting more absurd.

Peter Thomas agrees. “That’s all bulls—. When I say ‘I do,’ that means I don’t want to f— with nobody else,” Cynthia Bailey’s hubby throws back.

From there, Apollo tries to explain himself with some bizarre insurance analogy — one that only Kenya seems to understand (of course): “Then why do you have insurance on your house? I’m never saying to myself, ‘That’s what’s going to happen,’ but at the end of the day, if my house burns down, I have Geico or whoever to call on.”

Oh boy. We’re guessing Phaedra had some choice words for the father of her children when they were alone later. That’s not exactly the stance you want someone taking when they’ve been plagued with cheating rumors for over a year. Someone get this guy a PR coach — and fast!

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