Was Apollo Nida With Another Woman in LA? He Responds to Kenya Moore’s Accusations! (VIDEO)
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Was Apollo Nida With Another Woman in LA? He Responds to Kenya Moore’s Accusations! (VIDEO)

We honestly can’t believe that this Kenya Moore-Apollo Nida sexting scandal is still a thing, but alas, people are still talking about it. When Kenya was on Watch What Happens Live several weeks ago she maintained that she never sexted Apollo, and even theorized that Phaedra Parks’ hubby made up that story to cover up the fact that he was with another woman during his time in Los Angeles. Kenya also refuted claims that Apollo could have slept with her if he wanted to.

When Apollo was on WWHL with the other Househusbands last Sunday, Andy Cohen gave him a chance to respond to Kenya’s allegations. We don’t think what he said was much of a response to the shocking claim at hand, but we’ll let Mr. Nida do the talking. “First and foremost I love my wife, and I would never step outside the boundaries of our marriage,” he began, right before we begin to lose him. “But like I said, if I could’ve, if I wanted to, I would have. But that’s not even my thing.”

Personally, we don’t understand why Apollo even bothered to include that last bit, and actually, we think it did him more harm than good. Why does a married man with two young children have to keep insisting that he could have slept with another woman if he really wanted to? At that moment Peter Thomas put his hands on Apollo’s shoulders, perhaps as a sign to tell him to get back on track, and luckily, he did.

“I love my wife and she’s been so supportive,” he stated before getting a bit choked up, “And I really love her and appreciate her for everything she’s done.”

Apollo sounded pretty sincere towards the end, but we find it pretty telling that he didn’t even address Kenya’s claim that there was a third party involved. That seems like a pretty easy thing to deny if it wasn’t true.

Check out Apollo’s response for yourself below and hit the comments if you think he’s still hiding something!