Apollo Nida Is Headed Back to Court — But What For?
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Apollo Nida Is Headed Back to Court — But What For?

The Nida-Parks family still has more than a month of limbo to endure before Apollo Nida’s July sentencing after the Real Housewives of Atlanta star pled guilty to bank and wire fraud earlier this month. However, Phaedra Parks’s hubby won’t be avoiding the courtroom until then as he’s been summoned for questioning by the U.S. Attorney.

According to court docs obtained by RadarOnline.com, the Househusband will undergo interrogation by federal officials on June 10, covering all issues in respect to his $2.3 million fraud scheme.

So what does he have to provide? Apollo must cough up “earning statements from…most recent paychecks,” “business records for the present year and past calendar year,” “current bank statements for the past 12 months,” “all deeds, leases, contracts, and other documents representing any ownership interest,” and “all stocks, bonds, or other securities of any class” — among other personal paperwork.

Talk about putting your entire life out on a table!

Not to say that he is being treated unjustly. The father of two did fess up, and he’s accepting the punishment that comes along with the crime. But we have to imagine that this ongoing court drama is not the best thing for his marriage or young family.

Here’s hoping this is one of the last days Apollo and his brood will see in court!

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Source: RadarOnline.com