Apollo Nida Tells Phaedra Parks His Side of the Story After Fight With Brandon DeShazer (VIDEO)
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Phaedra Parks

Apollo Nida Tells Phaedra Parks His Side of the Story After Fight With Brandon DeShazer (VIDEO)

We were shocked and appalled after the January 26 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We knew a fight involving Kenya Moore, her assistant Brandon DeShazer, and newbies Natalie and Christopher was coming, but we had no idea how violent things would get. When Christopher put his hand on Kenya’s arm Brandon stepped in to defend her and the you-know-what hit the fan.

Phaedra Parks’ hubby Apollo Nida jumped in to try and contain Brandon, but apparently that translated to a full-on beatdown from the former jailbird. In a clip for the next new episode of RHoA — airing February 9 so as to avoid Super Bowl Sunday — Apollo attempts to explain his side of the story to his wife. After calling the events “kind of ridiculous” Apollo said he was actually having fun “until the madness came.“ He continues, “I never thought that someone would hit me, especially when I was trying to defuse the situation.”

Excuse us, but does Apollo have amnesia? As we saw it, he lunged after Brandon and started throwing punches. Phae-Phae is usually quick to defend her man, but even she isn’t totally buying what Apollo is selling this time. “Apollo’s cute face and great body might work some of the time, but I am of the old school thinking ‘Right does not do nobody wrong’” she tells the Bravo cameras.

Phaedra is pretty quiet, but Apollo continues to relay how the night played out according to him. “When he [Brandon] fell on the beanbag, that’s when I put my shoes on him. When he was getting up off the beanbag I just saw a lot of rage in his eyes so I tried to run over there and do this number but apparently whatever I tried to do wasn’t appropriate.”

Uh, ya think?! You broke Brandon’s rib!

“I was just trying to hold him back,” Apollo reiterates. Phaedra seems more concerned with what others will think of her hubby’s outburst, especially given his criminal past. “I just hate that when stuff like this happens people will obviously stereotype because of your past,” she reasons.

Still, Phaedra ultimately places the blame for this whole debacle on Kenya. “I’m not downplaying Apollo’s role in this whole mess, however, I blame Kenya for this whole melee,” she says.

Apollo was reportedly charged with bank fraud and identity theft last week, so clearly he has a lot going on. To find out why Phaedra blames Kenya, watch the sneak peek below.

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