Apollo Nida Gets Caught Checking Out Kenya Moore! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Apollo Nida Gets Caught Checking Out Kenya Moore! (VIDEO)

Do you recall during the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 trip to Mexico when it looked like Apollo Nida was checking out Kenya Moore in the cave? The former Miss USA was flaunting her fit bod in a yellow bikini, and by the way production showed it, Apollo was staring at her. Well, apparently even the other Househusbands caught him in the act.

In a deleted clip from this season, Todd Tucker, Peter Thomas, Apollo, and Gregg Leakes are all powwowing during their boys night of the trip. Always the instigator, Peter leaps at the chance to bring up Apollo’s wandering gaze.

“Let’s talk about when we went to the cave and, in the pool, Kenya came out of the pool in the little yellow bikini,” Peter begins, while Gregg hilariously mimics yawning.

“How y’all know what she had on?” Apollo fires back, laughing.

“We were all there,” Peter responds, before continuing, “Kenya walked past you, and she was walking up the steps…” From there, the producers helpfully playback the footage of Kenya walking up the steps and Apollo glancing at her from behind.

“I was looking at the horizon,” Apollo says, but Peter is not having it. “Apollo, why did you look, man?” Peter asks. Eventually, Apollo admits, “I have eyes!”

“I’m glad you looked and I’m disappointed you looked,” Peter returns. “But you know why? ‘Cause you’re a man.” Cynthia’s man then tells him that he wishes he didn’t speak with Kenya one-on-one earlier that evening, but Apollo has an excuse for that, as well.

“We haven’t had a one-on-one since last year,” Apollo says. “I was trying to tell Phaedra, ‘Listen, you can’t tell me who I can talk to.’ It’s not like I was in this woman’s lap.”

Todd, ever the voice of reason, shakes his head, and advises him to include his wife in his doings. “If she wants to be there when the conversation happens, you do it that way,” Kandi’s new hubby instructs, to which Gregg seconds, “She ain’t riding, you ain’t riding either.”

Preach! Can we please have a Steve Harvey-esque talk show with Todd and Gregg giving love advice? We would watch that everyday!

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