Apollo Nida Comes Clean About Kenya Moore Texting Scandal — Report
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Apollo Nida Comes Clean About Kenya Moore Texting Scandal — Report

Apollo Nida has plenty to be concerned about, between his upcoming 8-year prison sentence and worrying about whether or not wife Phaedra Parks will stay with him while he does his bid, and it looks like he may be on the receiving end of even more drama in the near future.

Straight From the A reports that, during filming for an upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Apollo squared off with former texting pal Kenya Moore, and things didn’t go quite as well as he’d hoped.

Apollo started off the evening seeming frustrated about filming with Kenya, and things only got worse from there.

Apollo started out the evening admitting that he'd told Phaedra that Kenya was pursuing him so that his texts to the former Miss USA wouldn't come across as suspicious. While the texts Apollo sent Kenya have been a major part of this whole ordeal, the insider says that nothing out of line was happening between Kenya and Apollo. Despite this fact, Kenya still demanded an apology from Apollo for lying about her, and continued to insinuate that something untoward had gone on between the two.

Although it looks like Apollo’s alleged flirtation with Kenya was more innocent than she originally made it out to be, it doesn’t seem as though the facts are going to change Phaedra’s mind. The insider reveals that Phaedra was initially supposed to film with a scene with Kenya the same evening this all went down, but when she found out her hubby was there, she backed out.

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Source: Straight From the A