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Apollo Nida “Doubts” Marriage to Phaedra Parks Will Survive Prison Sentence (VIDEO)

As if Apollo Nida didn’t do enough damage already by being convicted of identity theft and bank fraud and getting himself sentenced to eight years behind bars, Phaedra Parks’ husband made another huge mistake earlier today, July 18, when he basically revealed that he and Phae-Phae are headed for divorce. Oh no you didn’t, Apollo!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was a guest on Atlanta’s B-100, and he started off innocently enough talking about he feels about his crimes. “I’m still human, at the end of the day I am remorseful,” he said in the video below via TMZ. “I love my kids and coming from a non-father, non-mother background, at the end of the day I feel most sad and disappointed that I let my little man down.”

When asked how the sentencing has impacted his family, Apollo noted that it’s been “hell.” He continued, “It doesn’t make you less of a man to cry, to shed tears. I’ve shed tears and I’ve just really been this upset with how I was raised and that I can possibly take my son through the same thing. But by the grace of God he’s still young and then we have many years ahead of us.”

It’s a little odd that Apollo keeps referring to only one son since he has two boys with Phaedra — Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 1 — but we’ll let it slide. Despite the tears, Apollo is seemingly taking full responsibility for his criminal activity. “For me, I just can’t make those same mistakes. It’s all on me,” he admitted.

The father of two also says he has plans to pay back $1.9 million in restitution, which he notes he got down from “14 million or whatever,” but the real bombshell comes at the end of the interview when the topic of conversation turns to his marriage and Phaedra.

“Will your relationship be able to survive?” one of the hosts asked.

“I doubt it,” Apollo quickly and callously replied. “I mean my wife didn’t even f—ing show up for my sentencing so you know, I’m still salty about that, but whatever.”

Whoa. Apollo is correct in saying that Phae-Phae was a no-show at his sentencing a few weeks ago, but his wife has stuck by him as he made her look like a fool numerous times, both with his criminal activity and alleged sexting debacle with Kenya Moore.

Granted, the couple hasn’t been spotted at an event together in a long time, but in April Phaedra said divorce wasn’t on the horizon for the couple, and she noted, “I am a Southern belle and I believe in family and I will support him until this is resolved.” In short, we’re bet she’s none too happy that Apollo basically said their marriage doesn’t stand a chance.

Do you think Apollo should have kept his mouth shut, or does he have a right to be truthful about his marriage? Listen to snippets of the interview below and tell us your thoughts!

Source: TMZ

07.18.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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