Apollo Nida Says He Was “Humiliated” by T.I., Didn’t Know He Was Taping (VIDEO)
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Apollo Nida Says He Was “Humiliated” by T.I., Didn’t Know He Was Taping (VIDEO)

Apparently things aren’t as smoothed out between Apollo Nida and T.I. as we thought. After their confrontation in the parking lot regarding Apollo mentioning T.I. and his plea agreement in a tweet, it appeared the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was making nice with the rapper, even gushing about him on Twitter. But Apollo is still harboring some resentment about the situation.

During a very candid interview with the Ryan Cameron Morning Show this week, Apollo took a moment to address that now-infamous run-in, where T.I. made Apollo take back his statement on camera (awkward, we know).

“Don’t nobody just run up on a person and demand anything, you know what I’m saying?” Apollo told the hosts, clearly irritated. “I felt really disrespected in that situation.”

Apollo maintained that he still has a lot of respect for T.I. (and Michael Vick) but running up on someone is how “a lot of beef gets started.”

“Then you have your homeboy who’s the cameraman sitting there… who does that?” Phaedra Parks’s hubby asked angrily. In fact, Apollo didn’t even know that the cameras were rolling!

In fact, the Househusband was totally caught off guard by the whole ordeal, especially with his personal history with the rapper. “I know Tip,” Apollo explained. “I thought he was being a man and being supportive because he’s been in that situation.”

So how was he actually acting? “He was hostile,” the RHoA star revealed. “I thought, is this thing about to go down?” Yikes! Good thing it didn’t get to that…

But Apollo’s still happy with how he reacted in the situation — though it’s still hard to stomach the video: “I really played that situation real humble. I was humiliated by it.” And he does admit his own fault, though he thinks T.I. could have worked it out differently.

“Tip knows how to get in contact with me,” Apollo declared. “If that was an issue, you don’t just make it an issue right there in public, and sit there and make it a ploy to boost whatever you got going on at the time. You don’t need that.”

What do you think of Apollo’s comments on this situation? Should T.I. have handled it off-camera? Tell us in the comments below.

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