Apollo Nida on Kenya Moore: “Her Storyline Has Been Me For Two Years” (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Apollo Nida on Kenya Moore: “Her Storyline Has Been Me For Two Years” (VIDEO)

Even Apollo Nida himself could agree that ever attempting to be friends (or whatever they were) with Kenya Moore last year was a mistake. The Real Housewives of Atlanta hubby has endured a neverending storm of press rumors ever since — not to mention a myriad of disapproving glances from his wife, Phaedra Parks. But Apollo wants to put the sextgate scandal behind him… if Kenya will let him.

Phaedra’s man was interviewed recently by S2S Magazine, where he was grilled on the reality of his relationship with the former Miss USA. The pub started off by asking the question we all want to know: What did you text her — and were you flirting?

“No, no, no. Nothing inappropriate,” Apollo maintained, elaborating, “I think I came from doing a talk show and she was like, ‘Oh, you looked nice on that talk show.’ Maybe I said she did good on the talk show — something like that.” Hmm, not totally damning but perhaps unnecessary?

Apollo then explained that he had a feeling that Kenya would bring up the texts at the reunion, particularly after he said Kenya and Phaedra got into a terse face-off over the phone. But just because the twirling diva said those things, that doesn’t mean they’re all true, Apollo said.

“Some was and some wasn’t,” the Househusband detailed. “What wasn’t true is that I had an affair with Kenya. That was not true.” But what was true? Inquiring minds want to know.

Apollo stands by the opinion that Phaedra has nothing to be upset about, and stated that “you should trust your man.” (Sure, but only if he doesn’t go around saying he could’ve “smashed” women if he wanted to.)

“Why would I sit here and have an affair with a woman who, knowingly, she is barely holding on to her life on the TV show? [She] would just use that as ammunition to come back,” he added.

“When you say “hold on to her life,” is that because her storyline left when her boyfriend left?” the interviewer asked, to which he responded, “Her storyline has been me for two years straight. I’ve been the storyline for this lady.”

He’s not totally wrong…

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Source: S2S Magazine

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