Apollo Nida Says Kenya Moore Is Still Texting Him! (VIDEO)
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Apollo Nida Says Kenya Moore Is Still Texting Him! (VIDEO)

We thought we’d finally put the entire Textgate thing between Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida to bed (pardon the pun), but apparently it’s still not over. Case in point: Tonight's May 4 “Reunion, Part 3” episode, where Apollo revealed that Kenya is still contacting him via text. Seriously?!

In the ep, Andy Cohen brought up that neverending drama from Season 5, where Apollo and Kenya keep playing the he said, she said game about a supposed sketchy meetup in L.A. — Apollo says she came on to him, Kenya says they never even interacted.

Defending her choice to have a one-on-one with Apollo in Mexico, Kenya explained, “I wanted the opportunity to speak to Apollo personally to clear my name.”

However, this explanation doesn’t work for Phaedra Parks who asked why she didn’t speak to the two of them, but then answered her own question. “Because you’re a sneaky, trifling, slut,” Phaedra slammed. Dang, girl!

Andy pointed out that Apollo is sticking to his story about them seeing one another in Cali, and Kenya’s still selling the fact that that never happened. “One of you is lying,” the host said.

“Somebody’s lying,” Apollo responded, before dropping a mega bomb. “But I got a text message from this lady the other day saying she felt bad because she’s been on the stage taunting me.”

“That’s a bold-faced lie,” Kenya replied, looking shell-shocked. Apollo answered, “You text me last week” and offers to show the texts in question. We have to say, we second Cynthia Bailey’s sentiment when she muttered, “Not this again.”

From there, Kenya called Apollo a criminal and attempts to discredit his statements, but we’re left reeling. Can this really still be going on?

Do you believe Apollo, or is he making things up? Tell us in the comments below.

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