Apollo Nida Explains Real Story Behind the Pillow Talk Party Brawl! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Apollo Nida Explains Real Story Behind the Pillow Talk Party Brawl! (VIDEO)

A lot of crazy things went down on Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, but if you were to try to pinpoint where everything changed for the game changing season, it would probably be NeNe Leakes’s Pillow Talk party. That was night that will live in infamy for its violent brawl that broke out between Phaedra Parks’s hubby Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandon DeShazer. And now, Apollo is finally speaking out on his side of the story.

In a new interview with S2S Magazine, Apollo opens up about what led him to pummel Kenya’s sidekick, and according to him, there’s a lot more to it that the viewers didn’t see. Namely, Brandon’s role in the whole melee.

Says Apollo, Brandon was revved up already after Peter Thomas pushed him down off-screen, spurring “rage in his eyes.” Huh, so the real issue was between Peter and Brandon? How random!

“At this point, he’s really feeling threatened because Peter had to use force to push this man down,” Apollo continues. “So he gets up running.”

That’s when Phaedra’s man explains he tried to play peacemaker and it backfired. “I jump in the middle of Peter and Brandon. I’m like, ‘Yo, stop, stop, stop,’” the Househusband recounts, though he admits he may have use overdone it. “Probably not that calm, but I’m using force. And I’m not a weak guy,” he says.

From there, Apollo recounts that he struggled to hold Brandon’s body so he, admittedly wrongfully, grabbed him by the throat, to which Brandon returned with a blow to his eye!

“No one saw that part,” he reveals. “So he swung and I’d seen it coming. I kind of moved back, and it still caught me. At that point, I lost it because I’m the type of person, you don’t put your hands on me, period.”

And we now know what happened from there — though the father of two tells the magazine that he’s not proud of what he did. He says he holds nobody accountable for the way things turned out, and he has made up with Brandon since.

“I apologized to Brandon. I talked to Brandon for, like, an hour,” Apollo shares. “He seemed cool. I really sincerely apologized to him.”

What do you think of Apollo’s side of the story? Were your eyes opened? Tell us more in the comments below.

Source: S2S Magazine

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